Thursday, June 2, 2011

Growth : Learning : Loving

Every time I pick my camera up I learn something new. 

That something new is usually discovered in the process of editing.  It is always best to capture the best possible photo in camera so that your editing process is kept to a minimum. 

That said, I have found recently that I have been capturing my images with a certain look and feel in mind for the end result, be it print, canvas, book or album.  This largely depends on the style of photo session and how it plays out, sometimes I have a pre-conceived idea and sometimes I don't. Some photo sessions demand it and some don't.  Sometimes this pays off and sometimes it doesn't. 

For me at the moment it means that I take more images per photo session so that I can play and experiment with my editing styles.  I'm growing in my profession and I always like to try something that is going to challenge me or extend me in some way and it also provides me with a variety and who doesn't like a bit of variety in their life.

As time has gone on I have developed a style to my photography and one that I would describe and being strong, clear, colourful (without being over the top) with a focus on my subjects eyes (one's essence). Many clients comment on my ability to capture the "life" of someone via their eyes and this is something I always strive to do during every photo session.

I'm loving what I do right now, what I do is not work it's a love and one that I like to share with my clients, providing them with a snapshot of the essence of them or their families.

Here are a couple of my self-development images taken recently at Lori & Ben's wedding.....

This style excites me and whilst it won't be for everyone, I might just pull it out of my hat every now and then!