Thursday, March 17, 2011

Perth Family Photographer : F-G Preview

This is what you get when you have 3 gorgeous boys and a beautiful mother to photograph at their home in a natural bush setting.

Last Tuesday I photographed the F-G family (minus Dad he was working hard) and during the session I managed to fall flat on my behind whilst trying to navigate a grassy slope.....Jack (Big brother) tried not to laugh but it was pretty funny really especially when I had a camera in each hand and instinctively threw my arms up as I fell.  Luckily there were no injuries and I finished the session in one piece. 

The boys were great and very co-operative for the session went smoothly and I think you will be seeing alot more of Jack over the coming weeks as these images will perform a dual function....more to come on that one!

Mum and her boys.

Thanks Jack you were awesome.

Middle brother giving me the sultry model look!

But really this more like L!

The three boys together - it is obvious they are really quite close although I'm sure there are the usual boy stuff goin' on.

Littlest brother's choice to lay on top of this wall - good choice H!

This would have to be my favourite of Jack.


Mum!  I was playing around with some editing ideas in Photoshop and I really like the softness of this one.

Gorgeous C in classic Black and White (love my B&W's).

Thank you to the F-G family for a fabulous photo session....even if I did make a fool of myself!


:) Tiff said...

these are just lovely Sharon. they should be thrilled with them.

suzitee said...

What a great bunch of photos! Getting really excited now :)