Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Sweet Love

Although it's not such a huge thing here in Australia (not like the USA) Mr Manning and I acknowledge Valentine's Day in a small way, sometimes a card to each other, sometimes a nice dinner out, I have even been known to make my love something handmade as a gift.  Nothing lavish, over the top, just something small and a way to say I love you.  We have loved each other for nearly 26 years and like most couples there are good times and not so good times, but we are still here, together, celebrating every day in some small way, a kiss, a hug, a note signed with a heart (me) or smily face (him), sharing a quiet moment together with no need to talk because most of the time we know what each other is thinking. mmm love you Mr Manning.  xxxx


Tracey said...

Happy Valentines you.... love the photo
love me :-)