Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the Wall!

You might receognise the photograph on the right - the is E and I have used this image in some of my marketing and advertising in the past.  This is used on the reverse side of my business cards.

This was shot in a park using a sheet strung from a rope so the kids could run in and out and play with it.  At this stage I think E had reached her limit of having her photo taken and laid down on the ground with the sheet tucked up underneath her.  One of my favourite shots ever.

I had it framed and used it as a promotional piece in my diaplays.  Then one day Lis asked me if I could take a similar shot of her younger daughter M - I love a challenge!  I chose to do this in my bedroom at home as I have gorgeous north facing "bay" windows and perfect light for taking portraits......and I thought M would be happier in this location?


Here she is really not wanting her photo taken.  You can see a bottle of bubbles in the shot too - bribery wasn't even working at this stage.

Mum Lis even had her photo taken....

We even played tickling games.......

Eventually M co-operated and we got our shot to match E's taken about 10 months earlier.

They now proudly hang in Lis's family room and were given to her husband as a birthday gift last year.  These prints measure approx. 35" x 20" each framed and look fantastic together on the wall.

Definitely worth the effort to get a matching pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenny said...

These are so beautiful - and they look like they were taken on the same day ! - your awesome xox