Friday, September 3, 2010


Sometimes photoshoots go to plan and sometimes they don't. Today Miss M did not want to play.

We even had bubbles as a distraction and Lis had to resort to tickling.

Miss M just wasn't her usual smiley self and was sure hard work. But we did manage to get a few keepers.

I think this next one is the one Lis! What do you reckon?

We were trying to get one to match her big sisters photo taken back in November last year. Obviously I now need to match the editing.

Then in between coaxing Miss M it was Lis' turn.

Now Lis is a naturally smiley person (like Miss M on a good day) so getting Lis to look serious or at least contemplative is not an easy thing to do......I like a challenge. So when I asked Lis to be serious for a second, this is what happened.....

But this last one I absolutely LOVE! I hope you do too Lis.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lissy said...

You do such a great job Sharon even with the dodgiest clients!! And yes I think that is the one!