Friday, September 10, 2010

Preview : Baby Z

I'm moving in with this little guy! I have been thinking about my dream of one day having a studio of my own (Big Dream I know) and when I arrived at Baby Z's home last Saturday I knew his front living room was where I wanted my studio - so one day I will move in and set things up - is that ok J if I come work in your home? Why you say? Oh my.....the light in here was amazing! No flash required.....just so much gorgeous white reflected light.....ok enough about the light.

Here's baby Z.

This week has been a difficult week for my own little family and I don't want to go into details (some things should remain private) but wanted to thank my gorgeous friends that have kept me know who you are!


Jenny said...

Beautiful Beautiful Stunning photos (as usual) - what a great little happy bub!
Hope all is fine with you
Luv Jen xox

Lissy said...

oh my oh my....stunning Sharon :) And hang in there :)

suzitee said...

These photos are just beautiful Sharon...makes me clucky (well...almost LOL).
Hope you are ok.