Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet 16!

We celebrated Gemma's 16th Birthday on Saturday night with a costume party and lots of dancing! Well her girlfriends did anyway - I've been suffering with the flu since last Tuesday so I sat this one out. Here she is enjoying herself and with her cake, which was (and still is.....it was a huge cake) just delicious. It was from Sherbet Cakes in Maylands - if you live in Perth and are looking for the best celebration cake ever, give them a go!

On Sunday I photographed a 40th Birthday Party which was just awesome - Cilla you did an awesome job for your hubby! Editing is underway and should be finalised in the next day or so.

Of course turning 16 isn't always about the party and presents these days...it's about getting your Learner's Permit to start driving! I feel like we have just got Renae over the line with her licence and now it's Gemma's turn. So off to the licencing centre we went yesterday morning and she passed! YAY.....I think? Now to begin the driving lessons all over again. Maybe when it's not raining so much!!!!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my niece Paula, who turned 25 on Sunday also! Boy that makes me feel even older :-( Off to have a lay down I think.


Lissy said...

A belated happy 16th Gemma!

Lissy said...

oh and congrats on the Learners Permit too!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Gemma!!! (sorry this is late!) Hope you are feeling better Sharon, I think it is everwhere at the moment, Doug and I got a dose this morning = ugh!