Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yes I know I have been missing around here - I really needed a break from everything and Easter proved to be the time to do just that. I slept in, I read books, watched movies, caught up on some me time and generally relaxed (so did Steve for 1 day - that's good for him), Oh and I devoured some chocolate too of course.

The first week of the school holidays is over and Gemma is competing in the West Coast Dance Festival at St Mary's twice this week., On Tuesday night she placed 2nd in the Slow Modern section out of a group of 18! I cried the first time she did this routine back in October last year because I hadn't seen it before, this time I was really good and controlled myself. Another trophy to add to the shelf - Steve is going to have to build a new shelf soon I think. We are off there again tonight for her Modern Solo section, she won this one last October so she has moved up to the Intermediate section, wishing her luck!

I have managed to pick up my camera a few times and snap some photos just for me - for no particular reason other than to try new things, new settings etc. Here's just one I have had time to edit....

A 50mm F1.4 lens in on my wishlist so perhaps it would have been a better choice than the 24-105mm that seems to be permanently attached to my camera at the moment, not so good for close up Macro shots.

I have also managed to get some layouts finished off over the last week or so and it has been quite a satisfying experience to get back into scrapping. I always forget to change my lens before photographing them so please excuse the distortion on this one.....

This one is loosely based on Lis' Millions of Photos class from the Wave Rock Retreat last month. I'm a bit rusty at the moment so I'm liking that I have a starting point like Lis' classes and then adding my own little touches - and notice that I journaled too. Journaling I have realised is an important element that I need to add more often to my pages - to tell the story and not rely on my memory, which seems to be getting worse the older I get.

I have a couple of Family Photo Sessions booked this week (one very special family of 18) so I'm looking forward to being back with some sneak peeks very soon.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!