Friday, March 19, 2010

Playing in the garden

Some visual entertainment for today.....Blue Wrens from my garden last night. I'm no expert on birds but I think these ones are females....correct me if I'm wrong but I think the males are all blue? The males were a little elusive last night but I will keep trying! Love the last one here.


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Ohhhhh, she is soooo sweet! I wish I could have blue wrens in the backyard, but glad I don't because they'd be in danger from the puss cats!

We have a blue tongue lizard though... not so exciting, but it has blue happening LOL!!

Anonymous said...

ohh that is soooo beautiful. I just love birds! I love hearing them in my trees first thing in the morning.It makes you feel alive in the world!xx

Jenny said...

What beautiful photos!... I too love the last one - Cheeky little thing - You have the BEST view.
Have a wonderful weekend huni
Jen xxx

Lissy said...

I have no idea but the photoo are great :)