Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All over for another year

We had a lovely Christmas this year - we had a visit from my Brother, Niece and Nephew (who I haven't seen in over a year!) on Christmas eve and I hope to catch up with my brother again before he heads home to Roebourne on Friday.

Christmas day was very quiet, just the four of us and yummy food and drink to savour when we felt like it. We watched about 8 episodes of Two and a half Men back to back and just chilled out after the present thing.
Boxing Day was great, we had friends over to have leftovers (we had plenty to go round), why is it that we over cater on Christmas Day? I squashed my finger in a folding chair whilst trying to move it, oh and I tried electrocuting myself...picture swimming in pool with kicks empty stubbie off the verandah....smashes into million shards of glass....Steve cleans up as much as he can with brush...get vacuum cleaner...I get out of pool to plug into socket near pool....vacuum has loose wires at plug...I'm soaking wet...fingers connect with lose wires while trying to plug trips, power goes doing funny dance around the pool...very entertaining...NOT! I never been electrocuted before - it really hurts!!!!!

The last few days have been spent trying to complete my office and get my big Ikea shelf out of the girls' bathroom....lucky we have a large enough bathroom to store it. I bought 3 pieces of Ikea furniture which we (the girls and I - Steve refuses to have anything to do with it!) spent about 5 hours the other night putting together, once piece we had to do twice - I was tired and it went together with once piece the wrong way around - don't you hate it when that happens at 10 o'clock at night? The furniture is now back in the room and the last chore is to go through everything and purge, purge, purge before finding new homes for it all. There might just be a few giveaways coming up on the blog, so stay tuned! By the way - do you like my new look blog? If you want to find out more of how to do some upgrades to yours then the Blogger Unwrapped tutorials at The Coffee Shop Blog are great.
I can't wait to get stuck into some creating in my new space in the coming weeks. Ideas are swimming around my head.

On Sunday we visited The Cowans and spent the afternoon in the pool chatting and being blasted with water pistols by the was great to catch up with them - we are all so busy living life we get very little time to just chill.

Another year is nearly over and it's now I like to reflect on what the year has bought for my family but also to look forward to the future. 2010 is going to be a challenging year for the four of us in different ways but hopefully a successful one.

So on that note I'd like to wish all my readers (and commenters....hint hint) a wonderful New Year and please stay safe.

Sharon xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Hey there friend, you be careful with that electricity stuff - that's dangerous to play with!!! Love the look of the Blog, can't wait to see some of the creations you come up with when you get your 'space' organised. Happy New Year to you and yours!
Love, Ann S

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, loving your new blog.It looks clean, fresh and professional.
Happy New Year to you, may all your goals and aspiriations be fulfilled!
Love Charlene xx