Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back from Holidays

We have just spent the last 5 days in Ledge Point on the coast and about and hours drive from home. We were extremely lucky to have 3 holiday units available to us and had some friends join us for the weekend which was lots of fun. We had a fabulous time and soaked up lots of sun and sand. We even managed to bog the 4WD we had use off up to it's axles - I won't tell you how much it cost to get pulled out....no photos of it sorry. Luckily we were right on the beach when it happened and we were able to swim and stay cool while waiting for help.

Here is a collage of photos from our holiday - I managed to snap 657 photos all together. Thanks to Ilka for the site to create these mosaics - much easier than fluffing around in photoshop.

I need to edit all the photos and decide if I'm going to do a mini album to record the holiday.

We have really missed Renae during our time away....some things are not the same without all the family there to share them together. I think she is missing us too, but I keep telling her to enjoy the time in Melbourne while she can because she will be home soon enough.

Are you wondering why I took a photo of the clock? The batteries had run out so the clock stayed on 3.40 the whole time, so whenever someone asked what the time was the response was always 3.40....who needs a clock when they are on holidays anyway!!!!

I'm trying to get myself organised for the year and as you all know I am a list maker so I have found this site they have heaps of to-do lists and planner pages to download and print off. There is also a great article about making the time to Scrap which is something I am finding difficult to do. Time management is the key for me! So I have selected my ring file which I want to call "My Daily" and hope to get a start on this sometime tomorrow.....after dropping off my car for new tyres and doing the food shopping!

Something else I hope to do over the next week or so is to start creating electronic folders that I can store my photos in that I have yet to print and scrap. You know like the pretty boxes that people have to store all their printed photos in - all with neat dividers with the event and date on them. Well I don't print off my photos until I need them so I need to start filing them electronically ready to print. I forget about so many and then it takes me ages to wade through all of them to find that one I wanted to scrap when I saw it! Yes Time Management is the key here, hopefully if I get more organised then I will save time in the long run.....well that's the theory! I'd love to hear how you store your photos electronically ready to print and scrap!
I'm still trying to decide on what will be my "Ali word" for the coming year...maybe I will use the list to focus on maybe one word a month and hopefully make some improvements across many areas of my life.....as the saying goes "One day at a time".

So I'm all refreshed and re-energised about www.sharonmanning.com.au and have some exciting features to add over the coming weeks....so stay tuned!
I hope you are staying cool this week - it's a hot one here in Perth!


Hannah said...

Glad you enjoyed your holidays, the photos look great! Yep, those mosaics are very cool, I've made a few. You can do them in Picassa too (also free to download).

Good luck with all the photo organising, it sounds like a great plan and will make things easier in the long run, which is what it's all about! :-)

Lissy said...

Sounds like fun :)

I am not at all an organised person...but I do have a calendar on the fridge, lists on the bench (which i usually forget to look at!) and I do edit a few photos and file them as I have down loaded them into monthly folders...but as you know everythign else here is a MESS!!

See you soon :)

Jo Kay said...

Hi Sharon,
Looks like you had a fantastic holiday - the photos are great, especially the way you displayed them in mosaics - too much for my computer challenged skills!!
Ledge Point must be a great place to get away - I must try it some time SOON!
Love the ideas of getting electronic photos organised - it takes me forever to find the photos I'm looking for!
Wishing all your family a Happy New Year and I'm sure we will see you soon.

Jenny said...

Helloooo your home !!! Love the photos - expecially Gemma jumping up in the air - what a great shot. Renae will be home before you know it- you know fighting with her sister, driving you crazy because she is missing her boyfriend this time! LOL !

It seems to be the theme for this year- to be organized. I even made a list for this year ha ha ha yes just one!

talk to you soon Luv Jen xxx