Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amazing Day!

Wow I have had an amazing day today!

This morning I was very privileged to photograph the girls in Lis’ family! Morganne in particular, but of course we couldn't leave E out of the picture! She was such a good girl and very patient. I was pretty nervous to start with but once I got into it I was having a ball. I do hope Lis likes the results! I have been editing all afternoon.

Here are some after editing.......

There are so many to choose from! Lis has some of the originals on her blog too.
I will be posting some more in my Photography Gallery on my website in the next few days, so be sure to check them out. I would love to build up this side of my business some more, I love seeing the results!!! Thanks so much Lis for the opportunity.

Last week when I was out shopping one day I came across this book….

I was so totally impressed by it that when I was out shopping with Steve on Friday night I showed it to him. Guess what! He bought it for me today! What a great surprise, I can’t wait to sit down later tonight and devour it (the book that is!).

Here’s a little Synopsis….

This cutting-edge book presents in a luxuriously produced and embellished package Brew-Bevan's selection of 45 portraits - and the stories behind their creation. The format of the book reflects the richly layered nature of the material within. Finished portraits are accompanied by facsimile pages from Peter Brew-Bevan's visual journals, containing his working notes made before, during and after the shoot. These include preliminary sketches of his vision for the final photograph, lighting plans, thoughts on costume, hair and make-up, inspirational tearsheets, quotes from the sitters...and the photographer's observations on his interaction with his subjects. Proofsheets, 'out takes' and images pre- and post-digital manipulation are also included, opening a fascinating window on to the creative process, the personalities and the stories behind the celebrity images that intrigue us all. The subjects include Naomi Watts, Rachel Griffiths, Sam Neill, Blondie, Ian Thorpe, Barry and Miranda Otto, Rose Byrne and Jamie Oliver.
Not long now until the girls are back at school, we picked up the school books yesterday so I had better get onto covering them or showing the girls how to at the very least! I can't believe Renae is in Year 11 and doing TEE and Gemma is in Year 9 - wow where have the years gone?
OK I had better be off and get dinner on....very distracted today...I wonder why?


Tracey Bower said...

What gorgeous photos you took Sharon, Lis will have some really yummy choices there to scrap and display. The holidays are flying by aren't they, I am making the most of every minute with the kidlets home before all the back to school stuff starts, we have everything thank goodness, just have to cover and name everything also. Take care Trace.

Gayle Smith said...

What awesome photos Sharon! I wish I knew how to edit photos that well. They are beautiful.

nikala said...

Great photos Sharon. You should be proud of yourself. Your friend will love them I'm sure.

Lissy said...

Yes I love them - there are loads of great photos so thanks muchly Sharon :)