Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm in love.....

with this Tote Bag pattern from Artsy-Crafty Babe!!!!!!!

I have had this cut out on my desk for a few days and managed to sew it up this morning. The instructions are very good and easy to follow.
I have interfaced the lining and the outer fabric but I think on the next one I would only inferface the outr fabric allowing the lining to sit a little better.
Fabric is from Textile Traders in the furnishings section and the lining is actually a very fine flannel which is lovely and soft, Gemma helped me pick the fabrics out last Saturday!
This one is a gift for Xmas and now I want to make some more. It's a great size too - not too big, but big enough to fit all my gear in, including my diary and drink bottle.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow what a gorgeous bag, yummy fabric too. Hope your surviving the start of the silly season.
Take care
Trace. x

Lissy said...

Gee I wished that was my chrissie present! Looks superb :)

Jenny said...

I'm with Lissy.. wish it was mine but can you make mine purple LOL!

(thank you for your beautiful comments on mine and caths blogs)

I love the album in your last post as well.

This weekend I will get back onto the message board as well... there is a quote in Alie Edwards book I would like to share..
Luv Jen xxx