Tuesday, October 30, 2007

7 Random Things

The lovely Gayle Smith has tagged me to share 7 Random things about myself- thanks Gayle!
  1. I hate pineapple! Juice, tinned, even the real thing. LOL
  2. I would love to spend a Christmas in New York.
  3. My eldest daughter was born at 23:23 on the 23rd September.
  4. I like things to match – colour, shape etc.
  5. My favourite colour is Red.
  6. I have Semi-Circular Canal Syndrome and suffer from Vertigo constantly.
  7. I don’t like ironing and leave it until it piles up and I have to spend at least 5 hours doing it in one hit (like I did on Saturday) – although I am trying to change!
I'm not going to tag anyone but if you would like to participate then I would love to read your "Random Things".

Look at what my gorgeous Husband bought for me this week. A Pandora bracelet!!!! Well technically, I bought it myself, but a few weeks back he went to get it for me and firstly the bracelets come in all different lengths and then you can have a silver clasp or parrot clasp or a gold one and then there are so many charms to choose from as well! Too confusing but he did get big brownie points for trying. He now has no need to stress over what to buy me for our Anniversary, Christmas and Birthdays......charms. I really want to get some of the lovely coloured beads and gold charms and really mix it up a bit.

Yesterday I met a girlfriend at The Margaret River Chocolate Factory for lunch and a catch up. Just what the doctor ordered I think although the flies drove us bonkers. I bought these boiled lollies for myself, Steve some Rocky Road (they make the best Rocky Road!!!) and 2 giant freckles, 1 each for the girls'. Yum!
My Messageboard is starting to "hum" so if you would like to join up and meet some new online friends then come on over and introduce yourself, I'd love to see you there! If you would like to share/promote something like a special at a scrapbooking shop or a product that you love then go for it.
That's about it for today.....off to do some paperwork and filing and hopefully some creating later on. See Ya!


Hannah said...

I never iron. Never. I don't use the dryer so my clothes don't get too creased, and anything that DOES get creased I hang on a coat hanger immediately after I get the washing in. Oh, and I don't buy things that need ironing. LOL.

That is a beautiful bracelet, what a great hubby you have!

Gayle Smith said...

Oh wow...your random things were awesome. How amazing about your dd's b'day!
Love your pandora's bracelet. I hadn't heard of them until I saw Karens at the retreat...very nice.

Lissy said...

WOW the bracelet looks gorgeous....and I rather fancy a giant freckle myself!!

Nicole Finlayson said...

Oooooo Sharon, I am soo jealous of your gorgeous Pandora bracelet. What a great hubby you have :)