Monday, June 18, 2007

Urges, Lists, Helping Hand Crop Day

Resist the urge to drop everything. Instead, stay focused on the task at hand…………

This is something I have had major trouble in achieving lately! I have tidied my scrap room and made a new weekly schedule which I will fill in on a Sunday for the week beginning Monday (hopefully) and write everything down as it comes into my head.

I don’t know about you but I tend to get something out of my pantry for example and then see a cake that needs making and then get back to what I was doing and totally forget about the cake!
My solution, make a list write it down and work through it. It frustrates Steve no end, his list is in his head which means that he doesn’t have to account for it to anyone but himself. Although I do remember a “wheelie bin” episode some years back after which I made him sit down and write a list…….as I recall he did feel better.

This weekend has been busy and next weekend is even busier, for me anyway. Friday night I am off to see Human Nature and stay the night at my niece's place. Then Saturday is the Helping Hand Autism Crop Day............this has come around so quickly. Alli is madly getting last minute arrangements in place and I think the day is going to be full of fun. Alli is running some amazing raffles including this wonderful hand made album all ready to just add your photos to the pages......there are some fabulous artists that have contributed to this!

Even if you can't make it to the Crop Day you can still purchase tickets through Alli or leave me a comment or email and I will make some arrangements. Raffle values are between $180 and $250 and they are only $2.00 per ticket. There are heaps of other prizes to be won too!!!!!

OK I'm off to start checking things off my list!

Take care and have a great week.


Hannah said...

Oh yes, I'm a big list-maker too and couldn't live without mine! Not to mention the satisfaction of being able to tick things off afterwards. It makes you feel like you're actually getting somewhere. Lists make life a WHOLE lot easier, I can't understand why everybody doesn't use them! ;-)

Jenny said...

I'm afraid I'm like Steve and keep track in my head! However I live with a list maker and work for a list maker, so i figure that would just be one more list if I started (my excuse).... I can hardly wait till Saturday it will be so much fun, I really want Ali to meet her target... Can I sell some tickets from the shop for you? we have a raffle ticket book there I can use, just let me know, Luv Jen xxx

Ilka said...

Well good on those that can keep a list in their heads... lol I aint one of those. I need a piece of paper and best even a fixed place where I can then 'find' my list again..gosh I am bad;p I'm thinking of starting a diary not just for adding dates and items but a place where I can keep certain lists. I reckon I would benefit greatly from your weekly list idea!

Ilka said...

I keep lists and notes for myself from one day to the next at work in work diary but I should do the same at home - had thought about it and then 'forgot about it again;p So thanks for bringing this to my attention!