Saturday, May 19, 2007

Paper Pesto Site Goes Online

Paper Pesto website has gone live ladies.....go check out June's Kit, I think Kate and her team have put together an amazing array of goodies!

You can also check out the bios of the Design Team at thePaper Pesto blog.

This is a photo taken on Mother's Day, these were sitting in a bowl out the back of the cafe and thought some of them resembled the human brain! Not sure what they are, so if someone can enlighten me, please do so. They look like some kind of nut to me......ones I haven't seen in their shell before anyway. The texture of them visually is quite amazing.
I'm trying to work on a couple of projects at once at the moment so nothing seems to be coming to an end so that I can show you....maybe in the next few days.
The Craft and Quilt Fair is on in Perth this week so I might make some time to go visit.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Thanks for visiting!


Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
I can enlighten you they are Quandongs which are classed as Australian Bush Tucker. The shells are red so these look like they may have been burnt. When we were Kids we had a chinese checkers board made by a Family friend and he painted the quandongs and they were our checkers. They are great. Hope that helps. I checked out the Paper pesto site, love it. Awesome packs. Thankyou for that. Take care Tracey.

Hannah said...

SO very exciting about the PP website! I'm really looking forward to getting my first kit ... bummer I have to wait until October though! ROFL! ;-)

Lissy said...

PP website looks great...I am sure you will be having lots of fun with the kits for the DT!

Alli said...

that pack looks so you Sharon, have fun creating..and yes they do look like little brains!

Tracy said...

Congrats on making the paper pesto design team! No idea about the nuts but lol at your comment about them looking like the human brain!