Thursday, May 10, 2007

A layout on Friday

Sorry been having problems with I the only one?

I have managed to do another layout for show and tell today. This photo was taken by my husband Steve from our balcony a few months back. It reminds we why we live where we do! It was nice to do a non-person layout for a change.

I received my prize from Kate at Cooking with Paper Pesto today and here is a peak at what I got.....

Melissa Frances - Pixie Fairy Dust Sentiment box and chipboard circle frame. A gorgeous mini album, chipboard heart, blossoms and some ribbon.

Thanks Kate I'm sure they will be put to good use!

For those of you who have not been to New York City (I wish!) well I have just finished reading this book called Only in New York. I highly recommend it. It is about an Australian journalist Caroline Overington who takes on a journalism job in New York and uproots her husband and twins. It has given me a whole new perspective on this metropolis........very funny in parts too.
I was attracted to the book beacuse my maiden name is Overington and not being a common one well let's just say I had to read it and I'm glad I did.

Well that's it for today, enjoy your Friday and catch you tomorrow!
P.S. You know that surprise I have been teasing you with, well I hope to let you in on the secret sometime next week......I have been madly sewing, sewing, sewing!


Kate said...

Your so welcome Sharon! What a gorgeous sunrise, you must have been up early to catch that one1

Tara said...

The colours in the sunrise layout and photo are just spectacular.

Judy said...

I'm having blogger problems too with formatting. Sounds like great reading.
Can't wait for the surprise.

Chris Millar said...

I've been loving seeing all your layouts this week Sharon! Beautiful work!

Rach Wyndham said...

Gorgeous work Sharon!
Love layout Saturday.

Good luck finding comments button.