Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Layout, Limbo etc

I have decided I have way too much "stuff" and need to use some of it quickly so here is a layout I have literally thrown together. Journaling is on a pull out tag above the "g". I so wish I could bounce through life like Gemma does!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much to share today except I'm catching up on housework and trying to stay focussed on my list of jobs to do whilst breaking it up with some scrapping.

Artistic Journey have released some new workshops in Perth with Michael de Meng for December and Nina Bagley in May next year. Check them out, they look like awesome classes.

Do you ever feel like you are in Limbo? Waiting for someone or something.....strange feeling I have lately which is difficult to put into words. Having a goal or purpose has always been something I've needed to exist, but at the moment there doesn't seem to be one, so limbo I'm in!

I have spent some time writing in my journal about the way I am feeling at the moment but I still haven't come to a solution, but do I need a solution? Oh I don't know anymore so I'm taking each day as it comes and trying to stay creative and create.
Today I have to clean up my scrap room, it is so messy but the view out my dirty windows today is a day for day dreaming, but I won't I promise.

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Megan said...

Sharon this is a very bright and funky layout. I've never been able to throw anything together like that, so I am envious!!!

Lissy said...

Yep sometimes life just seems to be in limbo a bit but then suddenly something will come along and get you going again!

Chris Millar said...

I love how this layout has come together so beautifully Sharon!

Alli said...

gorgeous layout Sharon!

limbo comes and goes, accept it for what it is, the waiting room of life, not much happens but the expectation is there LOL as soon as you get another project going you will fall back in the groove :)