Monday, April 30, 2007

Lists, Glasses, Sneak Peeks


By nature I am a list maker…..I add and delete on a daily basis. I don’t feel in control unless I have a list of some sort, any sort and cross things off as they get done. But this last week I have let the list making and crossing off slide…….sometimes I just need a rest from it. So from today the list is back in control and everything is itemised. Call me methodical if you like but it works for me!

New glasses

I have had to wait almost 5 weeks for these glasses. After choosing a new pair of glasses at an optometrist that will remain anonymous, I waited 4 weeks for them to be ready! Ridiculous, so my dilemma was, do I grin and bear another few days with my old ones or cancel the order in disgust and go to another store? I chose the latter after the employee of the first store said, and I quote “I wouldn’t put up with it either and I certainly wouldn’t ever shop here again”. What sort of loyal employee is she? At this point I had to question the integrity of not only the girl in question but the Optometrist she was working for. So cancel the glasses I did in a fit of rage! This shouldn’t be so hard, should it? I just want to be able to see properly.
So I decided to try another one that had come with recommendations and happened to mention on selecting the glasses of my encounter with an opposition store and that I would really appreciate it if the whole process could be sped up a little given it was a new prescription and I needed them. Well within 7 days I had new glasses and I can see so much better. An experience I don’t want to have again any time soon.

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been up to…………I hope to unveil in full soon!

Well I do hope you all have a great week and I would love to hear from anybody visiting my blog and would like to leave a comment……feedback is always welcome!

Take Care until next time.


Ev said...

Those glasses are pretty cool. Funny how places can give such different customer service. Maybe the receptionist at the first is sick to death of this kind of situation cropping up as they are on the front line.She does need to find another job though LOL.
Your sneek peek looks very interesting, love the colours. Thanks for the comment on my blog too, it is such a pain in more ways that one to have this infection.

Megan said...

Hi Sharon, I visit your blog, but you know that already :-)

The whole spectacles story is a tad outrageous - I worked in the industry for quite a few years on and off, and if I told you how long it takes to make a pair of glasses you may be surprised. As long as the optom has the frame and lenses aren't a special grind, it takes no longer than about 10 minutes to cut and fit the lenses to the frame. The machines do it all in a flash.

They look fabulous btw :-)

Megan xx

mrs c said...

glad you enjoyed your fairy party

ps you left your wand behind