Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today is the day.......

Judy and Michael arrive..........YAY. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this. Judy has put me up at her place so many times in the last year (admittedly I was working most of the times) and at Christmas she kindly let us housesit for her so we (my family) could have a great 3 weeks in Sydney visiting friends for Christmas and also experience the New Year fireworks on the harbour. Here are a couple of photos, still trying to work out this camera of mine!

So I am looking forward to showing her my little part of the world and returning some of that hospitality.

The Artistic Journey retreat is fast approaching and I have booked into Lesley Riley's class on Sunday now too. Judy is doing the same class so it should be heaps of fun to create together for pleasure rather than work!

My baby goes on her Year 8 camp today for 3 days, I know she will have a great time, but the house will be quiet without her.

My next bag is coming along nicely and should be finished sometime today, so stay tuned for a snap.

Take Care and enjoy the rest of your week, we are on hump day!!!!!!!!!!!


Alli said...

you are teaching me how to knit ok.. I love Cathy and Donna's bags!! and that is so cute!

oh you will have so much fun doing the artistic journey retreat, you will have to have show and tell so I can see what you did!

Chris Millar said...

You and Judy will have a terrific time together I'm sure! What a great thing it was that you were able to house sit for her at Christmas!

Lissy said...

Great pics :)

See you tomorrow - bring a bag to show me :)

Megan said...

Hi Sharon,

I am sure you girls will all have some wicked fun together!!!

Looking forward to the reports!

Megan xx