Thursday, February 22, 2007

Opinions, Layout, Hugh & Puppets

Are we not entitled to our opinion? I try and teach my children that just because you have an opinion on something and perhaps someone else does not agree with it then does that make it wrong? No, I think not. I often agree to disagree with others and that’s ok!

I have found in the scrapping fraternity that unless everything said is of an “agreeable” nature then it can be misconstrued to be of a negative nature. Does that make sense? Are we as individuals not allowed to speak up and give our humble opinion on something, anything, without being shot down in flames and told not to speak unless we agree. I thought we lived in a democratic society? Do we not have the right to our political opinion every 4 years or so? I think in a way, that the world we live in today has become so “secretive” in the sense that our votes are secretive, our real opinions are held in secret (or sometimes voiced only to our closest friends).

Aren’t we entitled to speak out and have our say? Sure people are either going to agree or disagree but it sure makes this world a little more interesting. Debating an issue or topic is an art that has been around for centuries. I know I was taught how to debate at school, I think we all were.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for supporting others in this wonderful craft that we all share in. I have no problem in saying anything positive to a fellow scrapper, but when the “disagreement” is aimed at an individual then the way we say something can be misinterpreted as something nasty, when in fact we were just voicing our opinion!

Food for thought!

On a different note, my "Hanging With Dad" layout has been accepted by For Keeps so it's on holidays from my gallery.

Off to the movies tonight for a date with Hugh! Looking forward to a good laugh.

If you are ever in Sydney then you have to visit a place called "The Puppet Maker" located in The Rocks. It has become a tradition of ours, whenever we go to Sydney together or alone we try and visit this cave of wonderous goodies. The girls loved it when we visited and Renae bought a stunning mask. Highly recommend it.

Take care.


Megan said...

Gosh Sharon....have I missed something? I hope everything is all right!

Are you off to see Music and Lyrics? I saw that with Lib on the weekend...we laughed and giggled the whole way through...mainly at each other though lol!

Megan xx

Lissy said...

I loved "Music & Lyrics" - did you?? Thought it was very funny and well acted :)

YAY on the FK acceptance :)

I am all for long as they are contructive and not negative or fueled by jealousy...and yes everyone has different tastes and ideas and that is what is great about the world...diversity!

Judy said...




Jenny said...

Do you know there are people in this world who set out to hurt others! Sad but true!

You ARE NOT one of them. If something has been taken the wrong way, there is nothing you can do about it. We are all different which makes the world go around.

When all is said and done in the scrapbooking world... we are talking about paper! yes Paper and stuff that may or may not look nice with it. Speak up I say, not to be hurtful but honest and helpful. God knows you have helped me with your opions sometimes. (especially when it comes to matching ribbons LOL)(private joke sorry!)

Luv Jen xxxxx

Jenny said...

I forgot to say... well done on your FK layout


Sharon Manning said...

No you haven't missed anything Megan! Just me saying my bit.......LOL

Lis, loved Music & Lyrics and yes I agree entirely with your comments.

Judy, the sunnies are to hide the wrinkles!

Thanks Jen, I need some more ribbons, can you give me a hand? ROFL.

Cheers everyone and thanks for the comments on my blog, I love coming in here and reading them.

See Ya!

Alli said...

very cryptic Sharron...LOL I know what you mean though

and Hugh was a riot, just ask Lis I was crying I was laughing so much, I could so so relate to the music and the era, I could see that one again..

and congrats on the FK :)

and.. I still owe you $10!!! don't let me forget