Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

To everyone!

I just wanted to share what I made for my better half.

I’m the chocoholic, but one Steve’s favourite is lollies, the “jubey” kind. I was stumped as to what to make him this year and I got the Designing With calendar this week (I know it’s February, better late than never!) and the project for last Sunday was a lolly jar decorated with ribbons. So I purchased the jar and lollies when I was food shopping and of course I already had all the ribbons, so I set to work at 10.15pm last night! Nothing like leaving it til the last minute. Sorry Judy, I had to stop work for just 8 minutes. As he was working also last night I delivered it to him in his office at the other end of the house at about 10.30ish, I never can wait to give presents. Response “Its Valentines Day tomorrow is it?” Now I’m sorry but he listens to the radio, watches TV (admittedly it’s Foxtel to avoid the adverts) but how could he not know it was Valentines Day sometime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want or expect anything in return (well a lolly or two wouldn’t hurt) but how could he not know! They start advertising Valentines day post Xmas sales don’t they?

That reminds me, we spent Xmas and New Year in Sydney this year and we hit the post Xmas sales to get ourselves a bargain and lo and behold they were putting out Easter eggs and chocolates for sale ON THE 2nd OF JANUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the? I was totally deflated when I saw this, I was still recovering from Xmas for goodness sake. Commercialism, it’s a wonderful thing.

I am in full swing scrapping at the moment, last week was a bit of a disaster, one of those weeks when I was out doing things during the days every day, but this week has been very productive so far. Powering on!

I started aerobics again on Monday with a lot of encouragement from my good friend Michelle, and Steve certainly thought it was a good idea. I only stopped once due to a little dizziness, but feel pretty good today, just a little tight in the leg muscles. Our instructor said she will take it slowly for the first few weeks and slowly step up the pace as time goes on. Good, I want to keep this up no matter how sore I get. It’s funny how easy it is to commit to the couch every night, but aerobics; well that’s another thing isn’t it. Staying power, that’s what I need!!!!!!!!!!!! I do feel good after it I must admit (just don’t tell Steve that).

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day. I have two special visitors today, but I will share that with you in the next few!

Take care.


Chris Millar said...

Yay on starting aerobics Sharon!!! Enjoy it! Love the pressy for your hubby!

Kim G said...

The lolly jar is gorgeous Sharon! I couldn't do that in this house because I'd end up eating more lollies than he would get - good on you for getting back into aerobics... hmmm I must do that too!

Judy said...